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Luxton Cirebon Hotel Deliver Your Food to Your Door The Luxton Cirebon Hotel and Convention at Jalan Kartini, Cirebon. (Photo: Instagram The Luxton Cirebon)

TIMESJOGJA, CIREBON – Are you afraid of going out of your house? Did coronavirus make you worry to just even go to the nearest food shop? Well, Luxton Cirebon Hotel might have the answer for you with their delivery service.

"We would like to help everyone to enjoy eating some meals at their house in the most convenient way," the Public Relation of The Luxton Cirebon Hotel and Convention, Fitri Ridwan said.


Still according to her, all the menu that the Hotel prepared were very affordable. You could have Chef's Burger, Nasi Goreng Luxton, Nasi Goreng Jambal, and The X Clubs Sandwich with IDR 60 K.

You could also try another dishes such as Ox tail soup, Fish and Chips, Grilled salmon starting from IDR 79 K to IDR 139 K. Plus, if you order more than at least two menus, you could have a free delivery service right to your door.


Luxton Cirebon Hotel has started their delivery service since March 21st 2020. This service were planned to be ended by April 30th 2020.This service is only available from 07.00 to 22.00 local western time. You could contact +628112103188 to order the service. (*)

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