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Kaladama, Fried Tofu with Sweet and Spicy Sauce The tasty and delicious Kaladama served with ketupat or rice cake. (Photo: Muhamad Jupri/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESJOGJA, JAKARTAKaladama is a dish made of fried tofu with sweet and spicy sauce which serve with ketupat or rice cake. This food is originally came from Cirebon, West Java. Some other place in Indonesia, such as Betawi, West Java called this food tahu gejrot.

The sweet and spicy sauce made of soy sauce and a minced of chilies and shallots. You could find lots of people sell this kind of food either in a food shop or a push food cart. The local community even served this to their guests to let them taste the exotic taste of Kaladama as one of the local food.


You get a set of Kaladama either in food shop or push food cart for IDR 5 K to IDR 7 K. " Kaladama in local language means "add more spicy sauce please". Its may be because the local loves spicy food," Marta, a Kaladam seller said.

Still according to her, the way it served and the taste is similar to tahu gejrot Betawi. It's just the tofu will be thicker and less spongy. Having a plate of Kaladama will make full all day for there are lots of carbs included as well the thick tofu.

"People normally won't want more for a plate of Kaladama (fried tofu with sweet and spicy sauce) will make them full already. This is a very affordable and satisfying food since you can get it in Cirebon for IDR 5 K," Marta added. (*) 

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