6 Things You Need to Know About Aceh, a Hidden Paradise for Coffee Lovers

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6 Things You Need to Know About Aceh, a Hidden Paradise for Coffee Lovers Baiturrahman Mosque at Banda Aceh. (PHOTO: Shutterstock)

TIMESJOGJA, ACEHAceh (/ˈɑːtʃeɪ/) is the westernmost province of Indonesia. It is located on the northern end of Sumatra. This province stands alone with its privilege to make their own rule. That’s why this province has slightly different regulation and law order compared to another area in Indonesia.  

Aceh has a history of political independence and resistance to control by outsiders, including the former Dutch colonists. Hear said there was lots of merchants from Middle East and Europe docks on this island and create a family and marry with the local. That’s why you will find lots of people with brighter skin, pointy nose and some even has a blue eyes or blonde hair.  

Other than that, Aceh has lots of interesting things you nedd to know, what are they? Lets find out.

1. A hidden paradise for coffee lovers

Aceh produce lots of popular coffee in the world such as Gayo Coffee and Ulee Kareng. You could also find lots of 24/7 coffee shop on every corner of the city. Seems like drinking coffee has become one local culture either I day in or day out.

2. Baiturrahman Mosque

Do you still remember the tsunami struck the city in 2004? Yes, it took everything including the life of thousands of local communities. Yet it left one firm vivid building, Baiturrahman Mosque. This mosque stands tall in the middle of scattered broken building. This mosque is located Jalan Moh Jam No.1, Kp. Baru, Kecamatan Baiturrahman, Banda Aceh, Aceh.

3. Flogging

Unlike any other province in Indonesia, Aceh has their own Islamic law, where they flog the criminals with whip. This flogging usually forced to those who commit for stealing, gambling, and adultery cases.

4. Tsunami Museum

The tsunami struck the city in 2004 leaves a bad memory that makes millions of people has to lost their family and friends. Yet, they have managed to recover and wanted to keep the memory of their loving one by building Tsunami museum.

5. Indonesian most expensive wedding

To marry an Acehnese girl, you need to prepare at least around IDR 80.000 K or around $7000. That may be a little amount for foreigner, but compared to the cheap lifestyle Indonesian usually has, that’s too much. FYI, Indonesian will normally only spend around IDR 20.000 K to IDR 40.000 K for a fancy wedding party.

6. Has two Unesco Global Geopark

UNESCO acknowledged Sumatra Tropical Rain Forest in Aceh as one of their Gobal Geopark in 2004 and Leuser National Park in 2007. They also make Saman dance of Aceh as Intangible Cultural Heritage. Amazing isn’t it?. (*) 

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